A copy-editor prepares a typescript for publication; numbering folios, coding headings, checking the text for inconsistencies and typographical errors, and ensuring that it can be easily set by the typesetter.


My copy-editing service includes:


  • checking consistency of style
  • correcting typographical errors
  • numbering folios
  • marking up headings
  • correcting spelling and grammar
  • raising queries where necessary 
  • ensuring a smooth and coherent read.


Copy-editing requires more creative work than proofreading, and ensures any issues that may require correction are dealt with before the document is sent to the typesetter. A lot of corrections at proof stage may prove costly and delay the final printing, and having the document edited beforehand will save time and expense. I can make minimal changes according to the style of the piece, or offer to undertake a more substantial edit/partial re-write, but I always aim to preserve the original character of the work. Style sheets are often provided at copy-editing stage to facilitate inconsistencies, although I am happy to help create a style sheet in collaboration with the author if required.


I am proud to have been involved in editing a historical novel this year, Precarious Fortunes by Ian Townsend. It has been a most challenging but incredibly enjoyable undertaking and this fictional novel is now in print. More information can be found at: